I help women who have struggled with life-long weight issues, so they never have to diet again.

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A Trace Elements hair analysis will test for 26 different nutritional minerals that our bodies need. It also tests for six common heavy metals, as well as significant mineral ratio imbalances (e.g.calcium/magnesium).

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When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, I chose not to go through the conventional treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. I walked out of the Oncologists office devastated because they were not willing to help me if I did not go through the only treatments they offered.

I chose instead to change my life by changing the way I eat, the way I exercise, and the stress in my life. One of the first things I did was meet with a Health Coach and get a hair analysis to determine how I might get my body back to a healthy balance. I am blessed to say that I am now 3 years cancer free, have lost 57lbs., and have more energy than I have had in the last 20 years.

I became a Health Coach and a Certified Nutritional Health Practitioner to help others so they never have to experience the feeling that I felt when I heard those dreaded words, "you have cancer." I would love to help you get your body back into balance and get back the energy you had when you really felt the best in your life.

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